Monsterface Tee Vee


Monsterface Tee Vee has grown to become the over-arching branding surrounding all of the video content of Monsterface Industries.
But it began as a short-form "variety show" that we produced three full episodes of featuring puppets, Perfect Jimmy's animations,
other experimental videos, skits, and interviews. 

Monsterface TeeVee - Ep.001 - Eggs of Perspective

The first episode of Monsterface Tee Vee was one of the first things we created upon moving into a big Brooklyn loft together. Shades of much of what was to come can be seen, it's still a wonderful relic from a very special time in my creative and collaborative life.

Monsterface TeeVee - Ep.002 - The Return of the Mummy Part 2

If one can hit a stride with a 3-episode creation, Episode 2 of Monsterface Tee Vee is arguably where said stride kicked on in. With Terrycloth Green's insightful news coverage, an interview with comics and rock legend (and Monsterface hero)James Kochalka, Uncle Monsterface himself taking on Time Square, and a heartfelt tribute to the then recently deceased Crocodile Hunter, this one is non-stop Fun City.

Monsterface TeeVee - Ep.003 - Light Day Special

And our final of the short-form variety show episodes of Monsterface Tee Vee culminated with a "Light Day" special. Light Day is our own bastardization of "Life Day," a holiday invented for the wildly unsuccessful Star Wars Holiday Christmas Special. Our opening scene is a tribute to that special, and the episode goes on to pay tribute to our favorite wizards, Harry and the Potters, as we guested at their Yule Ball as well as featuring a beautiful Perfect Jimmy animation.