Welcome to the new Martystuff!

Hi friends, and welcome to the all-new! TA DAH!

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by. Please, kick off your internet shoes, stay awhile, and have a look around. Can I offer you some unusual soda pop? Several watermelon slices? A picture of a sock puppet?

With my new site, it’s my hope to integrate my internet storefront with a clear presentation of the rest of my work as an inter-disciplinary creator.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be updating the site regularly, particularly with an even deeper “About” section. I hope to have storied pages detailing my world of stories “The Seven Layers of Space,” my craetive collective “Monsterface Industries,” and a focussed look at my life as a NYC Street Art Vendor. For now you can check out my general Bio and CV, and lots more by exploring the above links.

Over time I’ll also be adding a few more specific blogs, and hopefully lots more art for sale and art to see.

For now, enjoy, and please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas.



Marty Allen