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All 25s Sale!

Happy February to all!
Now is the month in which we ask ourselves, "Hey, what happened to those extra days, and why do I still have to pay for them?" It's been a bit quiet in Martystuff-town, due in no small part to winter hibernation, political madness, and studio relocation. Let's get back in the sassy swing by offering:

Check out the shop at

I believe that I can safely state without the risk of hyperbole, alternative facts, or over-selling that this is the single greatest sale ever offered by any organization, corporation, or creature in all of written and pre-verbal history.

You heard it here first (unless you heard it somewhere else before this), everything for sale on my site is $25. (Sock puppets are usually marked at $32, current 5"x7" pacakaged portraits at $40!).Deal City!  Population: y-o-u!

Get this stuff while you can, as you'll note a bunch has already sold out! What better way to say "Eat it!" to our crumbling empire and advocate self care than by supporting a wacky artist and buying some joyful art? (There are a variety of ways...)

Marty Allen