Small Number of Original Sock Puppet Portraits for Sale

The eclipse has come and gone, and in its shadow I've unearthed a small number of original small Victorian Sock Puppet Portraits.

Come to the martystuff store and see for yourself.

Sgt. Bullocks marvels at nature's blinding beauty...

Sgt. Bullocks marvels at nature's blinding beauty...

These are the original 'Victorian' style mini-frames that I sold my Sock Puppet Portraits in Union Square from 2006-2010. Around 2010, the manufacturer stopped making them (at least as far as I know - if you know otherwise, please let me know). Because they were my favorite style ever and I knew just how precious they were to me, I held less than 100 back, and now I'm slowly re-introducing them to the wild. 

As of today, there are only three up. I made about thirty, but sold several last week on my triumphant return to Union Square. If these sell, I might release a few more!

Thanks and thanks!