Sock Puppet Menu Premiere!

Spring has sprung, time to buy one-of-a-kind hand made sock puppet from me!

April 13/14
Sock Puppet City at
FAD Brooklyn Made Market, City Point
11-7 pm | 445 Albee Square West
Brooklyn, NY 11201


I’m doubly excited to announce this Saturday and Sunday’s market will be the Market Premiere of my ‘Sock Puppet Menu’! Come to the booth! Circle the parts you want on your puppet! I’ll be building in real time, getting as many done as I can! It’s a crazy experiment, please come support it! Like Buil-a-bear, but with sock puppets, and only made by me and not a giant corporation!

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 7.50.15 AM.png
Marty Allen