Some selected stuff that people have said in print or online.


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Marty and Martystuff sometimes gets written about. Weird! Here's a list of some articles and blog posts :
(Know of others? Let me know! Adding your own? We love to post them! Your blog rules!)

March, 2016 - Rhode Island Morning News, "The Rhode Show" had me as a featured guest in celebration of my artist's residency at AS220. Antics ensued.

December, 2014 - GeekDad selects Uncle Monsterface's "Rise of the Lava Men" an "Indispensible Album of 2014"

December, 2013 - ABC News, like a foolish people, put me on the news:

March, 2013 - gives an amazing review to "Sock Puppet Madness"!

February, 2013 - Mindhut Rules, and they wrote a great review of my book, "Sock Puppet Madness"

December, 2012 - Mindhut does a great piece on my puppety pictures!

July, 2012 - Cool photo-blog tribute:

May 2012 - Cool blog! -

August, 2011 -Cool Indie profile - 

June, 2011 - Crain's Business Journal, Online and Print Feature, "Gotham Gigs" -