Sock Puppets

I will occasionally make and sell actual puppets for sale, though the bulk of my work as an artist is dedicated to The Sock Puppet Portraits. Very occasionally I will offer one-of-a-kind puppets, and I also sometimes repeat designs. I am also available for custom puppets.




Mabel Stuppinski, Bird, the One-of-a-Kind SOCK PUPPET

Mabel Stuppinski, Bird, the One-of-a-Kind SOCK PUPPET



It's Socktober 2017, and I'm making a one-of-a-kind Sock Puppet A Day! Here's #12!

Meet each new citizen of Sock Puppet City as they are born and give this one-of-a-kind Sock Puppet a home. 

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Mabel Stuppinski, Bird

Mabel is a semi-professional 90's 'Alternative' Music Specialist. She loves all of it, from the Lemonheads to the Sugarcubes. All of it save for one band, whose name must not be spoken... Counting Crows.

Mabel is working hard to distance herself from the more famous Bird who was recently rumored to have eaten or stolen some portion of The House of The Magician Detective. As a former fan of The Bird's work, it hurts her heart almost as much as it does to listen Nirvana Unplugged.

Mabel sells as is, along with her signed hand-written description card.

Every day starting October 1, I’ll be making and posting an original, one-of-a-kind sock puppet, this is one of them, and you can buy it if you want. And why wouldn't you want that?

Each puppet will premiere on my Instagram, so start there:

I'm writing about the process as I go on my blog:

So what’s Socktober?
It’s a month dedicated to helping the homeless by getting as many pairs of socks to shelters as possible. It was started by the cool people from Soul Pancake (Kid President). So: for each sock puppet I sell, I’ll also donate a pair of socks.

This puppet was made from a fuzzy sock, some stuffing, cardboard, craft foam, and hot glue. There is a hard mouth on the inside and some fluff in the head, this ain't just a floppy old sock.

While my sock puppets are made with great care, they are not certified by any governing standard of toy safety, and should be considered playful art objects.

All puppets sold are Copyright of Marty Allen, both their image and associated story. You will, however, be the sole owner of the original version of said image, and retain any accrued value therein. Any use outside of the realm of personal (and here personal does allow for their use in social media for non-monetary gain) is expressly forbidden without my permission. But have fun, though!