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Physical objects that I make and you can buy! Note: My published BOOKS are sold through my publisher/Amazon, etc. 

SOCK PUPPET Lemonbelly the Dinosaur

SOCK PUPPET Lemonbelly the Dinosaur


It’s an original hand-made SOCK PUPPET created by Marty Allen, author of ‘Sock Puppet Madness’ and creator of The Sock Puppet Portraits!

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Each puppet is hand-crafted by Marty. 

Each puppet comes lovingly stored in hand-crafted packaging with a little descriptive name tag.

Here we have:
Growing plants and flowers makes L.B.’s dino-heart soar. Alas, she only wants to cultivate flora that grows candy, which is limiting, but she remains ever-hopeful for her jelly bean tree.

Please note:
Because each puppet is hand-made, slight variations emerge with each one. In general this just means the size or placement of a particular feature can vary slightly. So: what’s pictured is not necessarily the exact puppet you will get, but it is the basic design - you will definitely get all of these features on a sock just like that. What it really means is that each piece is special in its own little way!

Also! The bubble-word phrase on your puppet’s packaging varies, though each piece comes with the tag that gives you the puppet’s name and a brief description.

And while I take great care in making each and every puppet, and they are all quite sturdy (including puppet fluff brains and a rigid cardboard mouth), these sock puppets are NOT certified by any toy safety standards. Please play wisely!