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Sock Puppet Portrait of G'zort Bleep, ORIGINAL Victorian Style Frame, 3.5"x2.5" - VERY RARE

Sock Puppet Portrait of G'zort Bleep, ORIGINAL Victorian Style Frame, 3.5"x2.5" - VERY RARE


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This is Spot The Dinosaur presented in one of the ultra-rare original 'Victorian' mini-frames that I first made and sold the Sock Puppet Portraits in around 2006-2010. They are my preferred style, and after selling them for about four years, the manufacturer stopped making them. Understanding how special they were at the time, I held less than 100 back, and this year (2017) I'm releasing a very small number of them into the wild (originally sold as part of my special Street Sales Re-appearance on Union Square).


G'zort is a fearless adventurer, traveling in his home-made spaceship across the Seven Layers of Space in order to fulfill his ancient destiny. Alas his dedication to his perceived destiny sometimes blinds him to the many shades of grey between good an evil. All-too-often he reaches for his space gun before thinking matters through.

Of note, G'zort is one of my oldest character designs, dating back to a comic strip I created in the fourth rade called Gup (which went on to become the name of one of the Seven Layers of Space).


The Sock Puppet Portrait comes as a 2.5"x3.5" piece, a small archival photograph framed under glass. I print, frame, sign, and date (with the year) each piece that I make. 

Marty's Sock Puppet Portraits are photographs of sock puppets Marty creates, each imbued with a curiously well-conceived personality and back-story that can then be read on the back of the piece and/or monitored on the good old internet. He's been making them in various forms since 2003.