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Sock Puppet Portrait of Lillith Lollybottom, ORIGINAL Victorian Style Frame, 3.5"x2.5" - VERY RARE

Sock Puppet Portrait of Lillith Lollybottom, ORIGINAL Victorian Style Frame, 3.5"x2.5" - VERY RARE


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This is Spot The Dinosaur presented in one of the ultra-rare original 'Victorian' mini-frames that I first made and sold the Sock Puppet Portraits in around 2006-2010. They are my preferred style, and after selling them for about four years, the manufacturer stopped making them. Understanding how special they were at the time, I held less than 100 back, and this year (2017) I'm releasing a very small number of them into the wild (originally sold as part of my special Street Sales Re-appearance on Union Square).


Often-addled and constantly-inebriated matriarch to the much-mailgned Lollybottom pickle-canning empire, Lillith’s impaired motor functions do little to keep her from passing judgment on everyone. Despite it all, she really does love her family, and spends a lot of talking to ghosts. And yelling. 

Off-screen, Lillith is performed by Anna Lee Shmenkman, legend of stage and screen. Anna Lee has starred in countless features and television shows in the last two decades, most notably long-running soap "Your Ugly Children" and the short-lived but critically-acclaimed comedic spin-off, "Your Ugly Children Are Jerks". Displaying enormous range, Ms. Shmenkman has portrayed everything from the drunken housewife to the boozed-up mom, and became a household face as the lady on the bottle of "Otis Spunkwether's Old Timey Syrup-like Substances and Jams".

Originally from the SERIES 3: Sock Puppet Portraits, characters from "Sock Puppet Manor."


The Sock Puppet Portrait comes as a 2.5"x3.5" piece, a small archival photograph framed under glass. I print, frame, sign, and date (with the year) each piece that I make. 

Marty's Sock Puppet Portraits are photographs of sock puppets Marty creates, each imbued with a curiously well-conceived personality and back-story that can then be read on the back of the piece and/or monitored on the good old internet. He's been making them in various forms since 2003.