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Sock Puppet Portrait of Spot the Dinosaur, 5"x7" canvas in limited packaging

Sock Puppet Portrait of Spot the Dinosaur, 5"x7" canvas in limited packaging

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Born just shy of 65 million years ago, Spot is an expert at hiding. And he’s mildly narcoleptic. He fell asleep while he was hiding behind a rock and woke up last Tuesday. Sad about his extinct friends, he bought a ukulele and named it “Fossil” Writing songs helps. An avid bird-watcher and vegetarian, he’s adjusting. 

Spot originally premiered as a member of the SERIES 2 Sock Puppet Portraits.

Hear two of his songs at 
And find him and become his friend on Facebook
And learn about him on MonsterFacebook.


The Sock Puppet Portrait comes as a 5"x7" fine art canvas, stretched over wood and sealed in its package (as pictured). Each piece is from a numbered, first-run limited series of five, a number which can be revealed by opening your package (and devaluing your artwork?). 

Premiered in 2016, this limited edition style of Sock Puppet Portraits  are sold in custom, hand-made packaging. The packaging has also been designed and produced by Marty, though the packaging style was inspired by the 2014 Series 5 Portraits packaging, which was co-created with Leopold Masterson.

Each portrait and package has been designed and built by Marty in Brooklyn, and is signed, dated, and "ready-to-hang" either in its package or if removed.

If in turn you do decide to open your piece and reveal the number you received, and if (for the current series) you get a NUMBER 3, you automatically win a bonus, MYSTERY Sock Puppet Portrait that is NOT available commercially. CONTACT ME IF YOU DO!

Marty's Sock Puppet Portraits are photographs of sock puppets Marty creates and then frames in a faux-Victorian or Baroque style, each imbued with a curiously well-conceived personality and back-story that can then be read on the back of the piece and/or monitored on the good old internet. He's been making them in various forms since 2003.