Announcing Sock Puppet A Day In Socktober!

Greetings friends, associates, well-wishers, curious malcontents:
It is time. Time to make a Sock Puppet A Day.
This October is also #Socktober, and I’m going deep with it.

Every day starting October 1, I’ll be making and posting an original, one-of-a-kind sock puppet, and you can buy it if you want.

Each puppet will premiere on my Instagram, so start here:

And then will be for sale in my store, here:


I’ll also be posting the puppet’s little stories as I make them up, and a weekly update to this here blog on the progress.  Some little videos here and there, too. If you buy the puppet, I’ll give you a little card with the story on it.

So what’s Socktober?
It’s a month dedicated to helping the homeless by getting as many pairs of socks to shelters as possible. So: for each sock puppet I sell, I’ll also donate a pair of socks.

Last year I went deep with reproducing sock puppets of the same design and packaging them up. It was fun, but has run its course. As it turns out, I’m now much more interested in making tons of unique designs. And the winner is you – each design that sells is the one and only of its kind.

I’ll be documenting the process pretty heavily and would love to hear feedback!

If you can, please help spread the word as I move and shake and make and puppet forward. Word of mouth from friends and fans is the most invaluable advertising for any and all artists out there. The internet is a nutty place full of ideas, but you (yes, you!) have the power to shape that dialogue. Every single share and like you make is a vote of confidence in a thing you believe in. Make your voice heard!

Alright already, time to go make some sock puuuuuuuuuppets!

Just remember: YOU ARE AWESOME.