FAD Market: Mother's Day Pop-Up at City Point

Sock Puppet City at
FAD City Point Mother's Day Pop-Up Market
Sat/Sun May 12 and 13  - 11am-6pm
City Point - 445 Albee Square West
This is near ALL the trains!
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I'm tickled, pickled, and all puffed up to announce that Sock Puppet City will have its WORLD PREMIERE in person at the FAD City Point Mother's Day Pop-Up Market.


Affirm an ancient truth: MOMS LOVE SOCK PUPPETS!

Gang of awesome humans and their attractive pets, I know that, over the years, I've done many markets. But I say with a full and honest heart that FAD Market has been one of the best I've ever worked with. Their enthusiastic staff and well-curated shows are worth going to and supporting. They treat their artists and craftspeople with respect, and we need more markets like theirs.  

Check out the other vendors - it's a lot of cool stuff.

Moreover, City Point is a good time. Come for the absolutely insane food court, stay for the amazing movie-going experience of spooky perfection at Alamo Drafthouse. You know you've been yearning for a mall that resonates with your fancy adult Brooklyn life but transports you back to your erstwhile rugged youth - let the 90's back in. Or the 80's or the 00's or the 40's or all of the youth-decades and mall-equivalencies combined.

Please come say hi.

Marty Allen