Mermaid Unicorn Mountain

MERMAID UNICORN MOUNTAIN is a new band that I am in! WORLD PREMIERE Sunday, September 9 at H0L0 in Brooklyn!!

Sunday, 9.9/.2018 - 8pm
H0L0 - 1090 Wyckoff Ave
Ridgewood, NY

I’m so happy to announce a new experimental music and friendship project: MERMAID UNICORN MOUNTAIN!!

Mermaid Unicorn Mountain is a musical collaboration with the amazing Joe Jakubowski! Joe’s kind spirit is matched only by his musical prowess, and it is my honor to explore this magic mountain together!

This Sunday Mermaid Unicorn Moutain opens for a whole other Joe, The Sax Machine himself, Joe Degeorge! Joe is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and lucky for me, he is also one of my favorite artists. It is an honor to witness his creations. You may know Joe from Harry and the Potters or the Downtown Boys, or from just being great, but I know him from Ed in the Refridgerators and hanging out and eating pizza together. And being great. THIS SUNDAY at H0L0!

Presenting nine NEW songs this Sunday at Or maybe eight ALL NEW and one really old and obscure song. And a cover about a squirrel. I think it’s nine. I lost count, and we play the theme song twice. Anyways, there is one song about dinosaurs, one about the nose, two songs about vampires, and a toy piano jam called ‘Octopus Faces’. And then, if you do the math, probably a few others. We’re going pretttttty deep.


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