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Sock Puppet Making Workshops

Let's make some amazing characters together!

Marty Allen, the author of Sock Puppet Madness, and creator of  The Sock Puppet Portraits is offering Sock Puppet Making workshops!

Awesome fun for both kids and adults and kids with their adults, this one-hour workshop is perfect for: families, birthday parties, teambuilding exercises, or just a wonderful way to make a day or night more interesting and creative. calls Sock Puppet Madness a book that “always inspires and never intimidates…”

This workshop is about imagination, story-telling, and open-ended creative fun! But it is also about exploring THE ARTIST’S PROCESS and THE WRITER’S PROCESS... Whu?!? 

We start with the basics of building a character by focusing on their personality details filling out a character card...

We start with the basics of building a character by focusing on their personality details filling out a character card...

..and then we sketch our idea before creation.

..and then we sketch our idea before creation.

Sketching and writing, two essential tools for makers and understanding the creative process!

Peter Linz aka WALTER THE MUPPET says
 “...Marty Allen has simultaneously simplified and elevated the art of making sock puppets...”

And then we make an amazing puppet!
Workshop includes: 
-A wide assortment of nice and fluffy colorful socks prepped with a hard cardboard mouth,
felted mouth interior, and fluff in their head. A beautiful blank slate!
-All the decorative craft foam you need. 
-Sticky-backed foam for little artists, hot glue for big ones.
-A bunch of furs and boas for hair and details!

Please include the dates you are looking for, location, age, and number of participants. 
You can also write to me directly at martyallen(at)gmail(dot)com

Workshops and book have been featured at:
Brooklyn’s Greenlight BookstoreRhode Island’s AS220 galleriesMaker Faire and more
Puppets and book featured at:  The Jim Henson Foundation’s “Puppets on Film” Series

Some details and FAQ

-We need a space to make the puppets! This can just be a floor, but you have to accept the limitations that this creates.
-If it’s a table, put a disposable table cloth on it or suffer the consequences. I do prefer a table and chairs...
-If we’ve decided to use hot glue, I need a nearby power source (I can bring extensions and power strips as needed).
-Since it is crafting, it can get a little messy. The most likely culprit is the fur. Play clothes and smocks recommended as needed.
-Messiness also means that you should be prepared for clean-up. A trash can and broom are super helpful.
-If it’s a workshop for children (or unruly adults), I need there to be other adult supervision availlable. AIas I am not a babysitter

- As a ballpark, a 1-hour workshop with me and supplies for up 15 participants starts around $500 (25% deposit to secure date).
That includes me showing up 30 minutes early to set up and staying 30 minutes after to help clean.
- It is $20 for each additional participant after 15.
- If you’d like me to bring an assistant or I deem it necessary, it’s an additional $75.
- I can make our party last all day and night, but each additional hour is $75/hr (for just me), $100/hr with an assistant.
-If you have a viable space where we can set up a workshop as a rental fee (or donation!) and then help get participants to it in a mutually beneficial way, that can be another great way to work, let me know!
- I am definitely into working with schools and non-profits, and if I'm out of your price range please still drop me a line and we can see if we can work something out!
- I do occasionally do discounted or free workshops for mutually beneficial cross promotions!

-It is also possible to set up a specific puppet craft, like "cats" or "monsters" in order to tie to given books or studies
-I am working on a puppet ‘menu’ that we could try as a more ‘build-a-puppet’ experience, if you’d care to beta test with me
- If there is time or a desire to do so, a workshop can also incorporate basic puppetry techniques and basic story-building exercises
-In its ideal form, the workshop utilizes hot glue. I of course understand that this isn't appropriate for all ages. If we deem the group too young for hot glue, children build their puppets with a vast array of sticky-backed shapes, and then the adults help with any detailed gluing finishes. I have executed the workshops many times with younger children this way, and great puppets are born from it.