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50 Knots You Need to Know

Let's tie knots, Marty-style!

Knot What you Think!

Knot What you Think!

In April of 2015 my third  book, "50 Knots You Need to Know" was published by Cico Books.

Actually, "50 Knots" is quite a lot of what it sounds like, though it also features some fun descriptions and scenarios leading up to each intensive and beautifully-illustarted set of knot instructions.

The book came about because, as it happens, I love knots, and my editor was looking for a book about them. In it's original form, the book was called "Nerd Knots," and the scenarios were a good bit nerdier (think orcs instead of cowboys), but the sales department thought it was less cool that way than my editor and I did.

That said, I still love the result, it's a beautiful and practical little book, with lots of nifty knots and fun knot set-ups.