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I'm Marty.
I make all kinds of stuff.
In doing so I wear a variety of hats, both literally and figuratively. 
I tell stories using art, words, and sometimes a combination of the two.

I'm a creative producer, writer, visual artist, performer, teacher, and musician. An idea man, a jack-of-all-trades, a local kook. All of which often rolls into the proud and ancient role of storyteller.

I'm best known for making up The Sock Puppet Portraits, writing the related book, "Sock Puppet Madness," and for performing with rock band/art collective/giant monster/sock puppet, Uncle Monsterface. It's true, I do lots of other stuff, too, including (but not limited to) making really excellent sandwiches and walking my dog.

As an inter-disciplinary artist and creator, much of my work has a little story behind it. In my mind, I've built a giant world of stories that has co-evolved with my art and ideas using whatever medium(s) seemed appropriate or inspiring at the time. I'm fascinated by using characters, storytelling, narrative, world-building, and creativity itself as a metaphor and method for making sense of this crazy world we live in. I'm currently working on a book that ties many of the smaller stories into their larger context, The Seven Layers of Space.

More specifically, I often focus on themes of the everyday and shared struggle, triumph, and all-too-real absurdity of being a human. 

Moreover, I'm chasing a sense of wonder and moments of real and honest connection. Wonderful connection. To you, to myself, to the universe, to all of the stuff. 

On the more brass-tacks side, I'm obsessed with the building-blocks of story and the fundamentals comedy. I also have a tendency to get a little carried away with world-building. And I'm pretty into examining how aesthetics inform message. All of which is itself informed by an unabiding love of nerd-ish pop culture – thoughts about television (old and new but always GOOD), weird films, odd books (both comic and chaptered), and exceptionally creative interactive games inhabit a troubling amount of hard drive space in my brains, and have a way of infecting my work. 

Within this rambling context, I'm deeply committed to bringing together like-minded creatives in order to see these mad-cap schemes through via an endless array of collaborations, both to realize my own crazy notions and those of others.

In short and to reiterate: I love to make stuff.

I've had four published books (with a fifth coming November of 2018) and worked with cool folks like Nickelodeon, The Henson Foundation, Harry & The Potters, WGBH Boston, Barnes & Noble,, Maker Faire, ZocDoc, many others, and mostly me, running my own business of art sales for nearly a decade.  

I grew up near and in Boston, went to Mass Art as a SIM major, did a bunch of crazy stuff, and now I live in Brooklyn with my inspiring partner and our inspired dog, where I work as a freelance artist, author, and teacher, and keep and maintain no less than three hat racks, stands, or buckets.

If you'd like to get very specific and check my stats, check out my CV here, have a look around this site, or drop me a note.