New Blog Alert! Come Visit Astronaut Island!

Hi friends,

Check out the new lil blog up in here, ASTRONAUT ISLAND!

I finally pulled it together to add a little blog dedicated to my non-fiction writing. So far it features writing about itself, and writing about video games. I expect more of it to be about video games than anything else for a while, but you never know! I hope to post pretty regularly, dropping nearly infinite coins into the echoing abyss of the internet.

Are you ready...FOR ASTRONAUT ISLAND?!?

Are you ready...FOR ASTRONAUT ISLAND?!?

I'll be cross-posting most of the meatier pieces on over to Medium and spots like that, but right here at Martystuff is definitely the horse's mouth. And its cheeks and legs and eyes and ears.

Check it outttttt!

Marty Allen